Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · BSOC: Post Season Update Wk 1

Hello all,

Here is our schedule for this week:

Monday – Varsity: study hall 2:30-4:15 PM/Practice 4:30-6:30 PM
Tuesday – Senior Night Banquet 5 PM in the Cafeteria
Wednesday – Varsity: study hall in D5 2:30-4:15 PM/practice 4:30-6:30 PM.
Thursday – Varsity: study hall in D5 2:30-4:15 PM/practice 4:30-6:30 PM.
Friday – Varsity: study hall in D5 2:30-4:15 PM/practice 4:30-5:30 PM.
Saturday – GAME DAY – Home vs Thomas Stone 3:30 PM (UNOFFICALLY)





Terrell Funchess had two great performances this past week. His ability to support the attack and drop into defense was on display in our game against La Plata last week. He is routinely marking up with the opposing teams’ tallest and better players without a fear. For these reasons and many more, Terrell is our #NeverQuitPOTW for Week 9.


Everyone is invited to join us as we celebrate our 2019 season and recognize our six senior players. Nici Watkins has put together a website to help organize. You can check it out for more information and to sign up to help set up, clean up, or bring food items, drinks, paper or plastic products.


State Tournament Seeding is Oct 21
1st Round – Region Quarterfinals is Oct 23 (WE HAVE A BYE)
2nd Round – Region Semifinals is Oct 26 (UNOFFICIALLY)
3rd Round – Region Finals is Oct 29

Unofficially, our region table is as follows:
1. La Plata
2. Lackey
3. Thomas Stone
4. Southern
5. Westlake

Admission is $6 for playoffs. No badges will be honored at the gate. This is controlled by the State and not Lackey Athletics. I’ll send out an email with the playoff bracket once everything is announced.

JV players should return their uniforms to Coach Head no later than Tuesday. We would like to have all JV uniforms packed away by the middle of this week. Once the Varsity season is over, I will be collecting home and away uniforms after the game.

Players should check the weather as they pack for practices. With rain and lower temps throughout this week, it may be good for our boys to bring long-sleeved shirts, hoodies and long pants to practice. The last thing that we need is to have half the team being sick.

As for games, all undergarments (tights and undershirts) must match the color of the uniform. Our home game the color is blue. For our away game, the color is white. I will remind our players throughout the week about this as well.

We are looking for ball runners for our home playoff game. If you have someone who is interested email or text me with a name.