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Dear Charger Families,
I hope that all is as well as possible as we continue to navigate this uncertain time.  Covid19 has changed the world and it has become frustratingly clear that the situation is fluid and changes on a daily basis.  While I am still uncertain of exactly what sports and school will look like this year, I wanted to open up an online Lackey Athletics store.  THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISER.
If you have worked with me in the past, you are aware that my most resounding quality is my PASSION for this school, these kids, and this community.  When I was hired for this job, I spoke to everyone about how I think the most important part of an Athletics Program is the CULTURE that it creates.  When I designed the store, I did it with three things in mind:
1.I wanted to put some items on the store that people liked from last year and had asked about.
2.  I wanted items for both men and women
3.  To promote our CULTURE with clothing that has the two slogans we will use this year.
-Lackey Family
-Anytime. Anywhere.
In a world that is constantly trying to be divided, I wanted to provide everyone in the Lackey Community with an opportunity to be UNITED.  We will handle the adversity that comes our way this year as a FAMILY and we will do whatever it takes to persevere.  ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.
I have included the link for you:
The store will open on Monday, July 27th and will close on Wednesday, August 12th.  To avoid shipping issues, the store items will be shipped directly to me at Lackey and I will distribute them to you.  In addition, if you are not doing it yet, please follow us for all of our up-to-date information on the following sites:

@LackeySports (Athletics Twitter)

@CoachJLush (Personal Twitter) (Facebook)

I look forward to working with you and your children in whatever capacity that may be in the remainder of 2020 and beyond.
Stay Safe!
Coach Lush