Dear Charger Families,

Happy Wednesday!  While I know we are halfway through our Spring Sports season, I also want to begin conditioning for Fall & Winter Sports.  This would include:  Football, Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Golf, Cross Country, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Swimming, Basketball, and Indoor Track.  If you are interested in playing any of these sports next year, we will begin conditioning for them on Monday, May 3rd from 3:00-6:00 and we will do this every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until the end of the school year. 

To be honest, I do not plan to have your child working out for three hours a day, four days a week.  However, I know that we are in a unique situation where transportation is an issue and I want to accommodate each family as best as I can.  If you are not able to get them to the school by 3:00, we will still have plenty of time to train them once they arrive.  These are not sport specific workouts.  Instead, all of our coaches and athletes will be working together as we focus on strength training, conditioning, stretching, and team-building.  We understand that many of our kids (and coaches) have not been able to train as much as they would have liked in the past year and we want to use this time to remind everyone what it means to be a CHARGER ATHLETE!  By working together as one unit, we will lay the groundwork for our CULTURE & OUR FUTURE!  We will be calling these sessions….THE RISE OF THE CHARGER!!!!!!


1.  Register online and have a VALID physical. To access our site, please visit:

If you have already registered online this school year, you are good to go!

2.  All athletes will need to wear a mask when they arrive & leave the property.  When they train, they will not need to wear it.

3.  All athletes should report to the lower level parking lot where they will enter through the gate to the stadium and report to the area outside of the weight room (past the baseball field).

4.  All athletes should be wearing comfortable clothing to workout in, have cleats/sneakers, a towel, and a gallon jug of water with their name on it.


1.  Does my son/daughter have to come to conditioning all four days if they want to join one of these teams?

-We understand that everyone has their own comfort level due to Covid19.  Additionally, we know that people have a variety of work schedules and responsibilities.  However, we want to provide an opportunity for any interested athlete to train four days a week as we believe it is a STAPLE to a successful program.

2.  My son is a basketball player and I do not see the benefit in having him lift weights and condition.  Does he have to come or can we just wait for workouts to start for basketball?

-All athletes, regardless of sport or gender, need to strength train and condition if they plan to be a successful athlete and be part of a successful team.  If you feel comfortable with the safety precautions in place for Covid19 and are able to drop your child off, it is highly recommended that they be at our workouts.

3.  My daughter is a volleyball player.  When will sport specific workouts start taking place for that sport and others?

-All Head Coaches (and assistants) will be at these workouts at some point during the week.  They will communicate with their team when their workouts will begin.

4.  My child is on the Softball team right now but she loves Soccer.  Should she be coming to these workouts instead of softball practice?

-No, all athletes that are playing SPRING SPORTS should continue to stay committed to their current teams.  If they want to come and join us after practice they can but it is not a requirement.  When their season comes to a conclusion at the end of May, they can come and join us.

5.  Can I come and watch my child participate?

-No, these workouts are closed to the general public.

6.  If it is raining or a storm is in the forecast, is training cancelled for that day?

Coach Lush will make an announcement via email, on our website (, on our twitter account (@LackeySports), and on our Facebook Page (Lackey Athletics) if workouts are cancelled for that day.

Thanks for your continued support!  I look forward to working with you and your child in the near future!

Coach Lush